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Wall Asphalt Services, Inc. is the only
Zirroco Hammer Jet Distributor in the U.S.

Hammer Jet

The world´s most compact and versatile jet surface dryer

The lightweight and ergonomic design with the new Hover Nozzle (patent pending) offers improved drying performance and a comfortable work position due to the hover effect of the nozzle.
This 23 kg and portable jet dryer is easy to always have on site for many tasks within different industries.
With embedded Telematics, a new rugged 4.3” display, a brand-new filter concept, and the use of an external Makita battery, this machine is the ultimate drying tool for industries requiring outdoor surface drying.

Examples on the utilisation are as follows:

Line Marking

drying and cleaning prior to marking jobs at car parks, roads, runways and aprons

Crack Repair & Joint Sealing

drying and cleaning prior to sealing

Tape Application & Removal

heating of the surface and the tape adhesive for better quality and easier removal

Roof Top Waterproofing

drying of the roof top surface prior to waterproofing

Roofing Felt Heating

heating of the felt and surfaces with non-flammable hot air

Railroad Switch De-Icing

quick heating and cleaning of the switches with non-flammable hot air


The Hammer Jet enables a drying width of 15-20 cm at speeds up to 2.5 km/h.
The various nozzle types and sizes are easily replaceable and ensure optimal performance on the specific drying, cleaning and heating tasks.
The average fuel consumption is only app. 12 Litres per hour (15-25 minutes of operation on a fuel tank).
The turbine service intervals are 100 hours (yearly service recommended) for optimal performance and expected turbine lifetime of app. 1000 hours. The turbine can be replaced in few minutes.